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What's your Skin issue?

We all have skin issues and or health issues? What is your concern or problem that is holding you back from building healthy skin? For me, in 2016 my skincare was declining badly! As a matter of fact I didn't have a routine at all. Most times we have to look at our health internally also. Our skin layers are the biggest and important part of our body system. I dealt with eczema from childhood years growing up. There are even certain foods I couldn't eat or certain dark clothing with my skin. First steps were to get my health in order; I suffered with autoimmune disorder "rheumatism". There are several autoimmune conditions healthy wise. That was my issue and I stared intaking more water, eating cooler foods, and changing habits. Well 6 years ago I began to take charge over my skin because I had done the internal work first. I scheduled appointments with estheticians and start researching. When eating cleaner and studying plant-based products; that is how I started my healthy skincare line. Afterall; we have to do the homework you know. I am saying that with different skin types be sure to get skin consultations. Nothing harsh or anything with hard chemicals should not go on your skin especially dealing with disorders. Clean products, plant-based, and vegan products goes a long way.

Remember your Skin is Valuable!

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